Brief Understanding of the Need of a Urologist 

You may come across several issues whereby you would need a Urologist New York meeting your specific sexual problems needs. However, most people may delay their consultation with the urologist, which may lead to various kinds of severe sexual problems. You should be aware of the symptoms that may lead to severe sexual problems requiring the assistance of a urologist. 

Why do you need a urologist? 

There would be several aspects when you do not need a general practitioner. Most men and women would require the services of a urologist when they have various kinds of problems with their urinary tract. It may be inclusive of inability to urinate, frequent urination, or urinary tract infection. 

Men would require hiring the services of a urologist when they have various kinds of problems with the reproductive organ. It would be inclusive of prostate problems and erectile dysfunction. It would be pertinent to mention here that urology has been deemed a subspecialty of surgery. 

The subspecialties of urology would be inclusive of pediatric urology, urologic oncology, renal transplantation, male infertility, urinary tract stone, female urology, neurourology, and erectile dysfunction. You should rest assured that a urologist could treat several aspects of urology without having a specialty in any. 

Finding the right urologist 

Finding a urologist would largely depend on your specific needs and requirements. In the event, you have been suffering from chronic urinary tract infection; you need not get in touch with a urologist having a specialization in urologic oncology. However, based on the severity of the problem, you should find a urologist specializing in renal transplantation. 

What to expect on the initial visit 

During the initial visit, the urologist would collect your urine sample in a small cup. The urine in the cup would undergo a ‘dipstick’ test to check for any kind of urinary tract infection, blood, or high protein count. The females would undergo a pelvic examination followed by their urine sample. 

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