What Technical Evaluations are Best to Detect Auditory Disorders and Treat Them? 


Hearing problems don’t just happen to senior citizens. Children, teenagers, and adults are equally susceptible. In fact, there are factors that lead to fetal hearing disorders too. Surprised? Well, don’t be. If you or your young children are facing hearing problems, you’re not alone. But, what is it that has made auditory disorders so common these days other than hereditary conditions? Well, if you too are trying to establish that ground, you’ll greatly benefit from the small list of some of the most common reasons listed below. 

  • Loud noises. 
  • Use of earphones that can damage the middle ear. 
  • Ear poking with ear buds. 

These are all the innocent activities that everyone does frequently without realizing that these aren’t going to be innocent in the long run. 

That said, if you suspect that you might be experiencing some trouble in hearing, you might want to undergo a relevant Auditory processing test at a good clinic like the Audiology Center West. Some of the best tests that they have in run for detection are listed below. 

  1. Tests for Imbalance at Vertigo Clinic

Getting imbalanced is the first symptom of faulty hearing. Since ears balance the body, a dysfunction of any kind will affect your equilibrium. The most common symptoms of a disturbed equilibrium are listed below. 

  • Inability to walk in darkness or when subjected to visual stimulation. 
  • Feeling nauseated and dizzy after or during a walk. 
  • Getting fearful of walking due to the fear of falling down. 

Now, if you’re experiencing any or all of the above-listed symptoms, the following screening tests at Audiology Center West will help in accurate detection. 

  • VNG or Videonystagmography test. 
  • Oculomotor assessment that includes visual tests. 
  • Oscillopsia evaluation. 
  • Visual vertical perception test.
  • BPPV and positional testing. 

All these tests are non-invasive. 

  1. Tinnitus and Hyperacusis

These are both hearing conditions that require therapy assistance for improvement. Before you get to know about the therapy, it’s necessary that you learn about what tinnitus is. 

Tinnitus is a disorder that causes the perceiving of such sounds in the ears and head that have no external stimulus. That said, audiologists usually suggest two corrective therapies for this disorder – Zen Therapy and Tinnitus Retraining Therapy. 

Moving on, the Audiology Center West clinic offers the following program for patients dealing with tinnitus. 

  • Fill the questionnaire provided by the clinic to get your TFI score. 
  • Match the score with the reference table to determine the service that’ll be most helpful. 

Once you do this online, you can call the clinic and make an appointment for starting the therapy. 

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