What Not To Do After Getting Botox Facial Injections

Botox injections, despite being a relatively easy procedure done inside the doctor’s office is still considered a minor surgical procedure. While patients can leave the doctor’s office as soon as their botox injections are done, this doesn’t mean there is zero aftercare required.

First-time botox Reston patients should take note of the following aftercare tips to ensure the success of the injections:

DO NOT Work Out

It can be tempting to stick to your daily routine of working out every night after work, but it should be avoided after botox injections. Allow the protein to settle for at least 24 hours before resuming your usual workout routine. All other strenuous activities should be avoided as well within the first 24 hours as a precaution.

DO NOT Touch The Injection Site

Yes, it is common to feel a little discomfort after your botox Reston appointment. After all, your face was injected with the product a couple of times. No matter how tempting it is to touch the injection sites or to apply something to soothe the area, avoid it at all costs!

Give the skin and the area around it enough time to heal and recover from the procedure. Touching or poking the site can produce unwanted results.

DO NOT Lay On Your Face

Botox recovery time can take two to four hours which is the perfect time to rest or even take a nap. If you do decide to rest, be careful to avoid laying down on your face. The proteins from the injections are still settling, laying down on them can push them towards another area which is not desirable.

DO NOT Drink Alcohol Or Blood Thinners

Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol within the first 48 hours of the procedure can result in bruising and slow down your body’s ability to heal. It is best avoided until the 48-hour mark. For medications such as aspirin and other blood thinners, consult with your Reston botox doctor if and when you are allowed to resume with the medication.

DO NOT Expose Your Skin To Excessive Light

Activities such as tanning and sunbathing should not be done until all the redness and swelling from the procedure have cleared away. When walking under the sun, be sure to cover your face to prevent direct sunlight exposure.

DO NOT Go To The Spa

If on the day of the botox is also your spa day, do not get a massage or put anything on your face. The skin and the injection areas are still very sensitive and should not be touched or massaged in any way. Putting on facial masks should also be avoided as they can cause irritation and other complications.

Speak With Your Doctor

Be sure to take the time to speak with your doctor or their team about the best aftercare practices. Follow their directions to ensure the botox injections produce the desired results and to avoid any complications. As long as you avoid the activities mentioned above your face will heal beautifully and look years younger!

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