What are the Significances of the Natural Cancer Treatment?

According to sources, even every second cancer patient uses alternative and unconventional methods of cancer treatment. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, including fear of severe disease and debilitating therapy, fear of death, faith in the power of nature, but also limited means of conventional medicine and gaps in an inefficient health care system that does not always meet the expectations and needs of all patients for cancer. It is often the family and relatives of an oncological patient who initiate paramedical activities and alternative cancer therapies. Are unconventional cancer treatments effective and safe? Modern research gives a clear answer to this topic.

Natural medicine in oncology

Unconventional cancer treatments (so-called natural cancer treatment) include techniques and methods that are either unacceptable or only little accounted for by research-based medicine. This concept covers a wide range of therapies – from homeopathy, taking high doses of vitamins, dietary supplements, herbs, mushrooms, to dietary modifications, e.g. ketogenic. Alternative methods of cancer therapy have not been verified in clinical trials and are proposed outside the mainstream of conventional and academic medicine (evidence-based medicine). Many natural and unconventional cancer treatments have their origins in centuries of tradition. The paramedical methods used in oncology include: herbal paralysis, “miracle” preparations containing various micronutrients, specially designed diets, acupuncture, acupressure, folk medicine (national or oriental), homeopathy, hypnotherapy and bioenergy therapy.

It is estimated that every second cancer sufferer uses natural methods of cancer treatment – the so-called alternative or complementary medicine. The consequences of this vary. Some of the methods are indifferent to health, others may support the treatment, but there are also those that can seriously harm the patient.

What are unconventional cancer treatments?

Turning to natural methods may be understandable for those who have failed all conventional methods. In this way, cancer patients and their families look for hope and help in hopeless situations. Unconventional cancer treatments often replace established medical treatments when ineffective. In these niches, there are many healers, healers and bioenergotherapists who, through skillful interaction with patients and their families, offer rescue and help in the most difficult situations. The main motive of every natural cancer treatment is to remove the proto oncogenes which can become the main cause of cancer (oncogenes).

The circumstances in which unconventional methods of cancer treatment completely replace traditional and recognized medical procedures are particularly dangerous. It happens that representatives of alternative medicine enter the period of oncological treatment, causing it to be delayed or even abandoned. This often happens in the case of advanced malignant tumors, the therapy of which is long-term and burdensome for patients.

Does natural medicine work against cancer?

Some oncological patients using unconventional cancer treatment may experience some improvement, which is mainly related to the placebo effect. People tend to believe in miracles, and cancer patients are perhaps more likely to do so. The task of the cancer care system should be to properly support patients, educate them and take care of them – so that they do not feel lonely and confused in the fight against cancer. Often appearing so-called miracle diets and cancer- fighting supplements can do a lot of harm to patients who choose to use them. It is related to misunderstanding of scientific reports and reliance on human naivety.

Modern oncological treatment – even when it fails – extends the patient’s life. The group of the most seriously ill with cancer should receive special support from doctors and specialists. Oncological patients should never be left to themselves, so that they are not forced to seek help and support from representatives of alternative and natural medicine.

A Cancer patient must be aware of:

Quit Smoking

It has been proven that when we do not smoke, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are more effective and postoperative wounds heal better. The toxins in cigarette smoke poison the body and worsen the treatment results.


This is a proven method to improve the patient’s well-being. It does not cure cancer, but it can reduce the effects of chemotherapy. Scientists from renowned oncology centers also do not underestimate meditation, yoga and prayer. They are even convinced that it makes patients feel better.


It can be used to relieve pain, increase appetite, and relieve nausea and vomiting. The latter are often more effective than drugs currently prescribed to patients.

Easily Digestible Diet

It is an important element of cancer therapy. It should be agreed with an oncodietician who will know what nutrients a particular patient needs the most, so as not to damage the body. The general principles of a diet worth following while treating cancer are not a big deal.

Physical Activity

It is very difficult to mobilize for it when the sick person is tormented by nausea, vomiting, he is weakened, easily tired. But when you feel better, it is worth going for a walk, and when you do not have the strength for that, you have to do simple exercises, even while lying in bed.

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