Various effects of influencer marketing on Invisalign dental products.


Invisalign is a subtle orthodontic alternative to metal braces that uses a set of clear, transparent aligners to shape people’s teeth to the final desired positions. It involves first scanning your initial dental structure and then figuring out the desired result after the process before a treatment plan is determined and a set of aligners for each step developed for you. Initially, traditional suppliers of Invisalign such as established dentists used traditional marketing strategies among other methods to attract new customers. However, with the advancements in technology which makes it a possibility to reach millions of people instantaneously, social media influencers marketing is increasingly becoming popular and effective for many dental practitioners.

Who is an influencer?

Influencers can be bloggers, photographers, celebrities, etc. who have over time established credibility in a particular niche and grown an audience who follow their opinions. These individuals can, therefore, influence the purchase decisions of their followers which make them important in the advertisement of the Invisalign products and other dental services.

Influencers can be categorized into micro-influencers and macro-influencers.  For instance, Instagram micro-influencers may have up to 50,000 followers as opposed to macro-influencers who are likely to have up to millions of followers. Depending on your intended result and budget for using an influencer, you can choose between a macro or micro-influencer. However, I would recommend the micro option because they have higher engagement rates with their audiences which is more interactive and likely to build trust making it suitable for average-sized dental practices.

How Instagram influencers have changed Invisalign marketing.

Influencer marketing is not a completely new ideology considering its foundation is based on recommendations and referrals which have been in existence for a very long time. Mainstream media has even gone further to have celebrities endorsing products and so forth however at the moment influencers are mainly concerned with content creation which motivates their audience to purchase or sparks specific conversations. There are a few ways through which influencers may have changed Invisalign marketing and some of them include;

Target audience.

Brands target influencers who have a following in a specific niche, this means that their audience is already interested in a particular category of products or services which will make it easier to convince and possibly make more sales.


Trust is a very essential quality for every brand and with the current online market crowded with competing brands, businesses have to find ways of standing out from competitors. Exposure from the right influencer can go a long way in building long term trust which is good for business alongside other referrals from friends and family and other marketing strategies.

Improved SEO.

We all turn to the internet anytime we are searching for specific solutions to the different problems we face. A significant percentage of searchers click on the top three results presented by search engines which mean brands that rank at these positions are more likely to get more potential customers compared to the others who rank at the bottom. Influencers can influence brand awareness, give fresh content for the consumption of their audience and increasing the chances of people sharing posts that mention your product. This will position your brand as an authoritative player in your niche optimizing the business and making it visible for prospective clients. 


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