These Treatments Can Make A Big Difference When It Comes To Wrinkles On Your Face

Smooth and tight skin is something that many of us desire, especially when it comes to mature skin. Some lotions, creams, and treatments can do the work for some time, but if you are longing for results that will last longer, you should consider some of the cosmetic procedures. Today, there are variations of treatments, and you can choose from non-invasive ones to those which are more invasive.

Anti-wrinkle treatment

One of the well-known anti-wrinkle treatment is anti-wrinkle injections. The results of this treatment are quite satisfying and many people are informing more about this treatment.  The main function of the anti-wrinkle injections is that they contain the gel substance that is injected into the muscle and that gel is placed between the receptors of the muscles and the signal that the brain is sending, so the muscle does not contract.

Your wrinkles will be diminished with anti-wrinkle injections

This goal is arranged because the wrinkles that are the largest and deepest, such as those on the forehead, around the eyes and mouth are there due to muscle contraction and poor collagen produce, which comes normally due to aging. There is no specific preparation for anti-wrinkle treatment in Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, and the treatment lasts for a few minutes.

Possible side effects are swelling and bruising, but that usually disappears after a few days. The results will be visible within three days when the swelling goes down, but the full results will be noticeable after a few weeks when they completely settle.

Ulthera facelift

This is one of the non-invasive treatments when it comes to face lifting. Besides the face, it can treat chin, neck and it can improve the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles on the décolletage. Ulthera therapy is done with the ultrasound device which is specially designed for face treatment. It is an alternative for the surgical facelift procedures, but the result cannot be drastic as the surgical ones.

The treatment is based on ultrasound therapy, and that high-powered ultrasound energy is penetrated deep into the skin structure, where the temperature and the amount of ultrasound energy are precisely determined. These new conditions will trigger the natural response of the skin to regenerate, where the new amounts of collagen will be produced.

The best option for a non-invasive facelift is ulthera facelift

Because this new collagen needs some time to mature, the final results will be visible after two or three months, but there will be some progress right after the treatment. This ulthera facelift Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne will tighten and lift the skin and the results will last as long as your body is producing the new collagen. There is no downtime with ulthera facelift, so you can continue your day.

Final word

If you wish to enhance your beauty and to look younger, consult with an expert and you will decide together which treatment will be the best one for achieving your goals.

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