The Best Online Yoga Classes on Flexibility by Glo

Online yoga has numerous benefits for those who prefer to take classes and feel the advantages such as enhanced muscle strength, increased energy levels, and more flexibility. The primary reason why yoga succeeds in increasing flexibility is that the human body makes a memory of how far it has been pushed in every practice undertaken. Yoga online classes offer members of Glo the opportunity to explore several categories in disciplines they have never thought about in the past. Glo focuses on bringing pilates, online yoga classes, and meditation to the public and permitting them to select a class schedule that suits their needs. The examples of flexibility courses that you can take everywhere with Glo include; Demystifying the Bandhas, Vinyasa Krama, ACROVINYASA, and The Heart of SmartFLOW Yoga II.

The Heart of SmartFLOW Yoga II

It is a highly-evolved yoga methodology and technique of teaching, which emphasizes creative sequencing and careful alignment. It is grounded on both classical yoga philosophy and modern human anatomy. It aims to make awareness as well as strength in the physical focus, body and playful curiosity within the mind, and presence in the heart. This class on flexibility explores four of the eight principles of movement in the SmartFLOW Teacher Training. It best fits experienced students, long-time teachers, and new teachers who want to re-enthuse themselves and, in turn, re-inspire their students. Glo offers this online yoga course via Annie Carpenter.

Demystifying the Bandhas

The bandhas are a robust method of moving past the physical to the transmuting practice that yoga can exist. Working in the company of the bandhas intensifies your awareness of your body, bringing energetic aid to your physical exercise. This online yoga course will explore every bandha in-depth via a mixture of practice and lectures. Therefore, you have an opportunity to learn anatomy and ancient teachings application in your modern life. The class is designed for experienced students and teachers of yoga. In Glo, Annie Carpenter will take you through this flexibility class.


You can take your yoga workout from the ground to the air with flexibility class that incorporates vinyasa, inversions, plus acrobatic partner yoga. The practice requires working in a team in the functions of a spotter, flyer, and base, surveying the intricacies of every position and building strength via physical training. Also, the course comprises of two full flows, which rise in complexity, setting up the foundations of a partner exercise before building to advanced and intermediate postures. Therefore, every stream is taught in sequences, beginning on the ground accompanied by earth asanas, then raising every pose into the air via step-by-step instructions. Honza Lafond and Claudine Lafond are the ones to take you through this online yoga in Glo.

Vinyasa Krama: The Energetics of Sequencing

It offers teachers and students of all levels the chance to learn and experience how to share full-reach and life-changing yoga promises. Rod Stryker, one of the globes leading yoga, founder of ParaYoga and mediation teacher, created and taught it. Therefore, this flexibility class guides you deep into yoga practice science. Also, it has been designed for dedicated teachers and students of all levels who desire to teach or practice more masterfully.

In conclusion, it is quite clear that there are different online yoga classes on the flexibility that you can take in Glo. The best thing about Glo is that after paying the monthly membership fee, you do not have to be at a particular place or specific time to take workout classes, but they are readily available in your comfort zone. The beauty of Glo is that it also provides a free trial for their customers to have a feel of the experience they should anticipate.

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