Herbalife Reviews: A Clear Indication of a Company That Cares for Its Staff

Herbalife Nutrition deals primarily with making and selling nutritional products to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle for all. The company was established in 1980 by Mark Hughes in Los Angeles, and over time it has expanded globally. The company currently operates in 94 countries, employing approximately 8,900 employees.

Since 1980, Herbalife Nutrition has always strived to maintain and improve customer trust through its nutritional products, including meal replacements, supplements, tea, and aloe.

All nutrition supplement products produced by Herbalife Nutrition meet all safety standards. The company has a well-monitored control system to ensure it meets the government’s rules and regulations.

What It Feels Like Working at Herbalife Nutrition

According to employee reviews, it’s clear that the majority of employees are happy working at Herbalife Nutrition. Why? Many say the company has helped them grow professionally, developing valuable skills in their careers.

Herbalife Nutrition has helped many employees by equipping them with valuable skills and knowledge needed by any company. The company has employed many professionals in various fields, including manufacturing, marketing, communications, science, product development, and IT, to name a few.

Herbalife’s Service-Based Culture

Herbalife Nutrition works closely with its employees to ensure they achieve their goal—success. The firm embraces community development, striving to ensure that everyone in the community lives and maintains a healthy lifestyle. Through this, it is clear that the Herbalife Nutrition values giving back to society.

The company embraces philanthropy through primarily two initiatives: Nutrition for Zero Hunger and the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation.

Nutrition for Zero Hunger was initiated to combat global hunger. This was made possible by fostering world partnerships, donations, offering nutrition education, and creating nutrition awareness programs.

The Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) supports and funds charity organizations, education centers, orphanages, and health institutions. These initiatives mainly focus on improving the lives of the less fortunate in society.


Herbalife Reviews

On review sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed, it’s clear that Herbalife Nutrition is a great place to work. According to Indeed, Herbalife Nutrition has a 4.2/5-star review.

There is no doubt that Herbalife truly values its employees, distributors, and clients’ health and well-being.

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