Effect Of Training In Different Climate Conditions

Good summer intentions are often forgotten, and the desire to move gives way to a lazy sedentary lifestyle. Training in winter is possible. It should never be interrupted, both for health benefits.

The Risks Of Low Temperatures.

When the temperature drops, however, you need to pay some extra attention against very combative opponents: in addition to rain, wind and perhaps snow, there is also moisture and pollution. The cold causes a contraction of muscle fibers. Consequently, the circulation decreases while the possibility of muscle contractions increases. Also, when the thermometer goes down, the joints become stiff because there is less production of synovial fluid: therefore, the knees, shoulders, and ankles, which support the entire body weight are affected.

Problems that can be avoided with some precautions. If the air is cold, then Camphor oil-based Self-massage is very useful. Done before going out on legs, calves, ankles, and shoulders, it has an excellent heating capacity in tissues and ligaments and immediately activates local microcirculation.


You might have heard it sometime: train with outdoor fitnessgeräte. You have to wear an onion trainer. The first layer, the one that is on the skin, serves in keeping the body warm, the second is functional to guarantee thermal insulation, the third finally must repair the wind and the weather.

More Benefits If You Train In The Morning

Sport in the early hours of a day is not only beneficial to reduce exposure to pollutants. On the contrary, if you train at night, restart the engine, with the consequence that then you could rest badly and later pay the price in terms of physical form.

Today different sports have developed breathable, insulating, and waterproof technical garments that allow creating the ideal microclimate to maintain thermoregulation without excessively covering. From the cold, you must also protect yourself inside the body, because the frozen air that suddenly bursts into the lungs. It can alter the natural moisture of the air mucosa or restrict the bronchi. It is advised to inhale with your nose. It is always valid because it forces the air to travel longer before reaching the lungs, as it gets moist and warms up the nasal mucosa.

Also, indoor activity want your attention in the cold season. In particular, if you use the gym as an alternative to running or cycling on the most inaccessible days. You should consider that the work on the treadmill and the exercise bike is similar, but it is not the same as the respective external version. Also, the step is usually instinctively shorter than the outside. You don’t notice, but when you ride on the road, your weight also contributes to balance, which is not necessary indoors. The training will remain equally valid, uniquely if it is appropriately integrated.

How Is The Weather


Always wear an insulated fabric jacket. Otherwise, the icy gusts, sliding between the clothes, break the microclimate of hot air between the clothes and the skin. Wind also means dust, so always wear glasses.


Never abandon a waterproof garment. If it gets wet, the heat loss of the body is very high, and in the middle of winter you should not underestimate the hypothermia.


In everything, there is a limit, and in outdoor practice, this is all. Roads and frozen lands become too dangerous. So forget it: on your feet, you run the risk of slipping and the bike on the ice does not get caught. Take advantage of the day to recover or go to the gym for a session on the treadmill or the exercise bike.

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