Daily routine that works for children with ADHD

Obviously, it cannot be said that there’s a perfect plan out there in order to raise a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). But you can always follow a detailed, structured routine so that your child will be able to complete the chores and still have some fun. Once a behavior becomes a habit, it requires a lot less attention in order to carry out. As you consider your child’s overall schedule, however, emphasize only one habit at a time, such as putting away toys before bedtime. Pick the one with the greatest effect and work on that one first. You can create a schedule that’s more personalized to your child’s needs. Each day does not have to include all the activities listed below.

Morning routine:

  • Wake up

Sticking with the same wake-up time every day will make mornings easier. Older kids can use an alarm. Younger kids can be woken up gently with your touch and singing or calling their name.

  • Morning hygiene

This might include steps such as making a bed, taking a shower, brushing teeth, brushing hair, and putting on clean clothes.

  • Breakfast

Favorite healthy foods should be offered, but steer clear of those with artificial food coloring.

  • Morning study or chores

If your child is not going to school a particular day, morning is a good time to take your child for a trip to a park or arcade that your child enjoys.

After-school routine:

  • Homework or chores

Note that children coming home from school might need to take a break and have a snack before getting into schoolwork.

  • Play or relaxation

Although excessive television is not a good idea, if children enjoy watching certain TV shows, this can be a nice relaxation and reward for completing chores or work.

  • Clean up

Provide specific directions for a specific task. For instance, instead of asking your child to clean up your stuff,try saying “Let’s neatly keep all the toys back to the shelves.”

Dinner routine:

  • Involve with dinner prep steps

You could involve your child with steps like setting the dinner table or making a family salad.

  • Plan an after-dinner relaxation activity

Children with ADHD might have trouble settling down. Even if they are tired, they may still need your help. If your habit is to watch TV in the evenings, it’s always better to choose calmer shows like light comedies, instead of drama. A quiet board game is another good option. Avoid energizing activities such as active games or video games.

Bedtime routine:

  • Get ready for bed

This is another good time for a targeted checklist such as showering or bathing, washing face, brushing teeth, putting on PJs, and putting dirty clothes in the basket.

  • Put out clothes for tomorrow

Choosing an outfit and placing it where your child can easily find it will make for a smoother morning routine. It’s a good time to gather up homework and put it all in the backpack for school the next day.

  • Set a sleep schedule

It has been observed that children with ADHD often have trouble sleeping. They need to be on a regular sleep schedule. You should make sure that you have set time for your children going to bed and waking up.

Children with ADHD can be real fun as they rocket through the day. Your job is just to provide a flexible structure, healthy snacks, and lots of love. Along with these, you can always book an appointment with a homeopath and seek ADD treatment. The expert homeopaths provide a customized treatment after careful evaluation. Moreover, homeopathy treatment comes with no toxic side-effects and improved personality can be witnessed over a period of time.

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