COVID-19 Masks – Get to Know How It Can Prevent Coronavirus

We are in middle of a pandemic and safety is impertinent now. Especially, respiratory masks have become one of the most used precautionary elements. As per the recent medical news, N95 masks are the effective ones to fight against coronavirus. These masks have a 5-layer protection and filtration rate of outside debris, virus and dust.

Types of mask

N95 Masks

There are different varieties of these masks, one comes with a breathing port and is just the ply. Both the masks are extremely comfortable and easy to use. However, if you are staying in humid conditions, you must use the one with breathing port. N95 masks are protective face masks which you can reuse it as they are made of up good polyester of medical grade. This also gives a silken finish to the mask.


Recently, few companies have come forward with a custom respirator mask, which includes replaceable filters and can be re-ordered once you have exhausted it. these respirators are considered to be the most effective type of masks. If you are living in the red zone area and you have to get out for work or grocery, you should use this mask.

Ply masks

These masks are the most used one as they are disposable. Usually, these are for surgical use but can give first level of protection. This is simple and cheaper than the other ones. Since most of the supplies for COVID are tax exempted you will not have to pay higher price or different price if you purchase from medical stores or online.

Why buy respiratory face masks online

Coronavirus is dangerous and you must remain home until it is absolute necessary. Government has laid down special rules for delivery of COVID materials. Hence, it is completely safe and secure to place an order online. The company’s delivery executive will come and deliver at your safety. In this way, not only you are limiting human connection, but also getting the necessities at ease.

How masks can be helpful

As per the recent scientific studies coronavirus is an airborne virus and can get easily transmitted through human contact, in presence of air. This means whether you are sneezing or talking with the infected person, you can most probably catch it, if you are not wearing a mask.

Since coronavirus is of larger molecule, it cannot pass through any face masks and it sticks on the surface. Thus, it serves as a barrier and prevents you from getting infected. However, when you are wearing and opening it, you must be cautious. You should not touch any other part of the face through the process. Use a sanitizer after wearing and opening it.

Understanding difference between allergy and coronavirus

You will be surprised to know that there are similar symptoms that you may experience during allergy as well. During this seasonal change, whether you feel sick or not you must cover your face and mouth. N95 masks will be the best to start with. Additionally, you must go for a reusable custom respiratory mask so that you can use it for a longer period of time. Stay at home if you are feeling unwell.

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