Considering recovery homes after rehab? Here’s a basic overview!

The aftermath of an intensive in-patient rehab program is not something that people always think about. You have been sober for a while, and the rehab thinks that it’s time for you to go home. However, returning to your normal life can be harder than you imagine. A lot of former-addicts often end up going back to their previous ways, simply because they just didn’t know how to deal with the new life after rehab. Something like The Recovery Place sober house can help with that. Also called recovery homes, sober homes are designed to supplement one’s recovery from drug abuse and alcohol addiction.

The experience of recovery homes

Contrary to popular belief, recovery homes are not same as regular rehabs. In a rehab, an addict is expected to go through an intensive program, where he is subject to treatments that help in getting rid of addiction. On the other hand, recovery homes help such people who stay on the path of recovery, by offering a more structured environment. Instead of medication and treatments, recovery homes focus on counselling, and things like group support. The experts and counsellors also offer suggestions and means, so that people can get back to their regular life, without going into isolation.

More aspects worth knowing

Recovery homes are more focused on “relapse prevention plan”. You may think you are sober, but keep in mind that smallest triggers can have a ripple effect on your mind. For instance, you might be tempted to try something, simply because its accessible. Also, the fact that people in the so-called normal world don’t treat previous-addicts as regular individuals can lead to isolation. A recovery home prepares you for all of that and more. They do what it takes to keep a person motivated, and that also may include offering support and counseling for physical health, mental wellbeing, and emotional conditioning.

Finding a recovery home

Not all recovery homes are same, although the purpose remains the same. If you don’t know much about how these recovery home can help or want to know about their programs and services, just check in person and ask the right questions. Staying at a recovery home is usually recommended, but eventually, it is a personal choice. Check online to know more on recovery homes near you, and don’t forget to ask about the extent and nature of support they provide.

Assured long-term recovery doesn’t get any better.

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