Benefits of a Mobile Tan

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Whether you want to get a summer glow even in the winter or don’t want to spend too much time in the sun for health reasons, you may find the idea of a spray tan appealing. If you have a hectic schedule and can’t make it to the tanning salon as often as you’d like, you may be open to the idea of a mobile tan.

A mobile tan is when the tanning salon comes to you. This service definitely comes in handy if you’re on the set of a television show, movie or photo shoot and need to make sure your look matches the theme of the scene or photographs. If a movie or photo shoot involves a summertime or beach scene, a spray tan makes the scene or photo more appealing and believable. A great looking tan is also ideal if you’re attending a formal event and want to add more elegance to your look. Busy professionals, especially those in the creative field, may want a spray tan to improve their look when promoting other health and beauty products.

Some customers may also be concerned about the quality of mobile tans in terms of color and concentration. Tanning was previously thought to be reserved for people with lighter skin. However, people of all complexions can enjoy tanning – the tanning solution just needs to be the right color and have the right effect on the skin. To best prepare for a mobile tan, it’s best for tanning specialists to consult with clients. This allows customers to make their tanning goals clear and ensures that the tanning solution isn’t too dark or too light on the skin. A tanning specialist will provide information on how the tanning solution will look once it’s completely dry and advise clients to wear disposable thongs, swimming trunks or a bikini. This ensures that tanning lines won’t form on the arms, shoulders or legs. Some clients feel more comfortable tanning nude to prevent tan lines altogether.

During the mobile tan process, the client will get into a tent or pavilion that is completely covered for privacy. The tanning specialist and the client will get into the tent so the tanning solution can be spread evenly all over the body. It’s best for clients to wear dark, loose-fitting clothing that they don’t mind getting dirty to the tanning appointment. Once the tanning solution is applied and dries for a few minutes, the clients will get dressed. Clients should wait an hour or two before showering to keep the tan from washing off.

Clients can also ask the tanning specialist about the ingredients in the tanning solution. Some customers may be allergic to certain ingredients, so it may be ideal to use solutions that contain natural substances like coconut oil or almond oil, which condition the skin and make the solution look more natural.

After customers see the way the tan makes their skin look, they are more likely to take advantage of mobile tan services again. This quick beauty treatment usually takes no more than 15 minutes for application and will last for weeks, which makes virtually any outfit look even more glamorous.

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