Wi-Fi: A Silent Killer That Kills Us Slowly

Having a Wi-Fi in the house is highly convenient, but it also has its own safety concerns. Namely, wireless networks can seriously endanger your health, and especially the health of your children.

These are its potential risks:

Impaired Brain Function

It has been scientifically proven that Wi-Fi affects the function of the brain and concentration, leading to memory loss and trouble concentrating.

Neutralizes Sperm

The exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies reduce sperm movement and lead to DNA fragmentation, reduced fertility, and a higher risk of abnormal pregnancy.

Damages Childhood Development

The non-thermal radio frequency radiation from Wi-Fi impedes normal cellular development, especially fetal development, as its affects growing tissues in the children and youth, so they are at a high risk of developmental issues.

Cardiac Stress

Numerous people experience a real physical response to electromagnetic frequencies, such as increased heart rate, as it raises the risk of heart disease.

Development of Insomnia

Wi-Fi significantly affects sleep, due to the low-frequency modulation. People who are exposed to electromagnetic radiation need much more time to fall asleep.

Therefore, these are several ways to limit Wi-Fi radiation and protect yourself:

  • Do not keep the cell phone in the pocket
  • In the case of pregnancy, do not keep it close to the belly
  • Wireless baby monitors operate on microwave frequency, so avoid them.
  • Do not keep the wireless router in your kitchen or bedroom.
  • Use wired phones when at home, to limit the exposure to electromagnetic radiation.
  • Avoid talking on the cell phone and focus on texting.
  • Keep the phone far from you, and on the seat, while driving.
  • Before going to bed at night, disconnect all Wi-Fi devices.

Source: thehealthawareness.com


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