What Happened To My Body When I Didn’t Eat For 21 Days

Fasting is a fast-speeding popular trend that has everyone guessing how it actually works. Well, for starters, it involved 21 days of healthy, cleansing eating, followed by extraordinary after effects.

What happens exactly? Your digestive system restarts, the skin clears up, infections are gone, the healing process is increased and weight loss is encouraged! Pretty spectacular, no?

Infections, such as candida, as well as parasites that made their way inside your body can easily be treated by simply introducing healthier habits to your everyday life.

This doesn’t mean you need to starve yourself and keep your body running on liquids alone- it means that by incorporating natural products, you will help your organism to reboot.

What does a fast regime entail? First off, plenty of grape juice mixed with lemon, herbal tea and tinctures, daily enemas, a mixture psyllium husk powder, bentonite clay and activated charcoal mixed with grape juice and lemon (known as plasma “pudding”).

All this combined for a period of 14 – 18 hours per day.

Losing weight

Yes, losing weight is probable, depending on the body type, but you won’t ever starve your body to the point of exhaustion.

Also, problems like bloating and cramps will begin to fade in no time.

Is it demanding?

Oh, it is not the easiest of things. However, it is totally worth it, so if given the opportunity to do it, you should do so in a blink of an eye.

The hardest thing to comply with is the day-to-day discipline. It could be challenging giving up some of your favorite taste bud-awakening products and cravings, but once you manage to do that, it is all uphill from there.

Fasting is recommended not for the physical body only, but for the sake of the brain as well. It brings a sense of relief and peace, along with some fabulous physical changes.

Think of it like this- in a natural habitat, no unhealthy food is available to us, and this is the reason many tribes can brag with longevity and vitality- they built a lifetime based on fasting!

Can you do it?

Fasting is recommended for anyone. Since it is not a health risk to switch up your diet, you can go ahead and enjoy the benefits fasting brings along. Still, to be sure, consult your doctor first and do a thorough research to understand the norms.

Good luck!

Source: www.collective-evolution.com


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