5 Exercises to Undo the Spinal Damage Caused by Sitting

If theirs is one thing doctors would not approve of you do, it is sitting for longer periods of time. Siting slows down the organism, and due to lack of activity in the muscles and bones, the health can be subjected to potential harm.

Normally, sitting-related problems have a lot to do with chronic pain, stiffness, tingling and numbness.

Even if sitting is something you do for a living, you can still find ways to engage your muscles and introduce a certain activity, wherever you are.

Take a look at these 5 exercises to help you deal with back pain:

Glute Bridges

Start by lying flat on your back, feet placed on the floor. Start raising your buttocks and hips until they are in a parallel line. Slowly return to initial posture. You will need three sets of ten to feel relief.

The exercise works well on your hips and glutes, as well as on the abs.

Couch Stretch

If practiced properly, this exercise can bring multiple benefits to the body.

Place one leg on the ground and the other on the couch, with knee touching the back.

Start flexing your abs and buttocks and lift torso until you’re standing. Lock posture for 5 minutes, then relax and switch legs.

To push it to the next level, you can bring your foot on the floor up to the seat of the couch and try to raise your torso to a neutral position again. This will be tough at first, but can potentially undo years of sitting.

Grok Squats

For advanced pose, get in a squat position and keep feet on the floor. Keep buttocks low and back straight.

Leg Swings

Balance and stretch will do your body good, especially in the groin, legs and waist. You can try swinging leg back as high as you can. Switch sides and do a total of 20 swings.

Fire Hydrants

The image of a dog peeing on a fire-hydrant has never made more sense. If you picture just that you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Begin on all fours and rand raise leg sideways until it’s parallel with your bed height.

When the hips and buttocks are tense enough, lower leg slowly.  Switch legs and do three sets of ten, each.

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Image sources: www.artofmanliness.com


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